HDi Important Features

 HDi-250 HD Recorder Important Features

  • Automatic Video Format Detect
    35 formats from 720x480i to 1920x1080i/p
    PAL & NTSC
  • Automatic Format Select
    It chooses the highest resolution available.
  • Video Streaming
    During Record or Play
  • Easy to change video inputs:
  • Auto-Update from our network
  • Record files to HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
    or Direct To USB or to Optical Disc
  • Copy files to/from USB
  • Automatic Update Download in the background.
    You install at leisure.
  • OR just call us for a free update disc
  • HDi: Connected & Secure

    HDi-250 (Commercial)
    Fully Connected

    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • USB 3
    • Serial to 115Kps
    • Web Interface
    • Records to HDD, USB, RAM
    • DVDRW Disc

    HDi-Mil-Std (Military, Standard Drive)
    Completely Secur

    • No Network
    • No Hard Drive
    • No USB
    • Records to RAM/Disc
    • Delete video w/power-off
    • DVDRW Disc
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