Video Streaming:

Did you know that all HDi-250 recorder can stream video during Record and Play? You can share the video throughout your organization's network. Just select "Streaming" from the front menu (Menu, Up). We use the VLC program at the remote computers, but other applications can play the stream, too. Just specify the HDi IP address and Port 8090.


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Title Menu



BCD DVD-1150 Title Menu: Thumbail, Date, Time. Industrial DVD Recorder DVD recorder RS232 Controlled . Rack mount Professional DVD Recorder / HDD Recorder / Digital Video Recorder DVR : The BCD Controllable 1U Industrial DVD Recorder available with hard drive, hard disk - controlled via RS-232, USB, & Ethernet.  Full Status Feedback.  Fully Crestron & AMX Compatible. Built-in multiple machine control Made in USA.



 This is the Title Menu of the DVD-1150.

  • Thumbnail snapshot of start of scene
  • Date and Time the recording was started
  • Quality of recording (1-5).  Default is 2-hr SP (2).
  • Optional Title Name (up to 12 visible characters) with the TNAM command
  • Percentage of disc available for recording



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