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BCD DVD-1150 Title Menu: Thumbail, Date, Time. Industrial DVD Recorder DVD recorder RS232 Controlled . Rack mount Professional DVD Recorder / HDD Recorder / Digital Video Recorder DVR : The BCD Controllable 1U Industrial DVD Recorder available with hard drive, hard disk - controlled via RS-232, USB, & Ethernet.  Full Status Feedback.  Fully Crestron & AMX Compatible. Built-in multiple machine control Made in USA.



 This is the Title Menu of the DVD-1150.

  • Thumbnail snapshot of start of scene
  • Date and Time the recording was started
  • Quality of recording (1-5).  Default is 2-hr SP (2).
  • Optional Title Name (up to 12 visible characters) with the TNAM command
  • Percentage of disc available for recording



HDi: Connected & Secure

HDi-250 (Commercial)
Fully Connected

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3
  • Serial to 115Kps
  • Web Interface
  • Records to HDD, USB, RAM
  • DVDRW Disc

HDi-Mil-Std (Military, Standard Drive)
Completely Secur

  • No Network
  • No Hard Drive
  • No USB
  • Records to RAM/Disc
  • Delete video w/power-off
  • DVDRW Disc
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