Video Streaming:

Did you know that all HDi-250 recorder can stream video during Record and Play? You can share the video throughout your organization's network. Just select "Streaming" from the front menu (Menu, Up). We use the VLC program at the remote computers, but other applications can play the stream, too. Just specify the HDi IP address and Port 8090.


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DVD-1150 Control I/O

The DVD-1150 Industrial DVD Recorder has several control methods: RS-232, USB, Front Panel, and optional Web Server.


BCD DVD-1150 Indurtrial DVD Recorder with control via RS-232, USB & optional web server 

DVD-1150 Rear Control Connectors


Connectors & Functions:

Serial In/Serial Out:

Dual DB-9

Daisy-Chain for Multi-Machine Control
Programmable Baud Rates 9600-115,000
8 Data bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, No Handshaking/Flow Control
Update Control System



Serial Control Via USB
Windows HyperTerminal requires Virtual Termnal driver
Same serial parameters as  RS-232


Lan Control

RJ-45 Connector
Requires optional web server module
On-board Webserver w/DHCP
Transport Commands: Stop, Play, Paus, Record, Titl, Up/Down/Left/Right



1-3 Reserved
4 Up for reprogramming Control System 

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