HDi Features

  •  Automatic Video Format Detect
  • 35 formats from 720x480i to 1920x1080i/p
    PAL & NTSC
  • Automatic Format Select
    It chooses the highest resolution available.
  • Video Streaming
    During Record or Play
  • Easy to change video inputs:
  • Auto-Update from our network
  • Record files to HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
    or Direct To USB or to Optical Disc
  • Copy files to/from USB
  • Automatic Update Download in the background.
    You install at leisure.
  • OR just call us for a free update disc
HDi: Connected / Secure

HDi-250 (Commercial)
Fully Connected

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3
  • Serial to 115Kps
  • Web Interface
  • Records to HDD, USB, RAM
  • DVDRW Disc


HDi-Mil (Military)
Completely Secur

  • No Network
  • No Hard Drive
  • No USB
  • Records to RAM/Disc
  • Delete video w/power-off
  • DVDRW Disc


Internet DVD Recorder Control  RJ-45 Connector for Ethernet Control
Control the DVD-1150 From Anywhere !
DVR-1150 offers an optional web server.

The optional web server gives the convenience of controlling your machine from anywhere. Or use several browser windows to control several machines in different locations.  Or control many machines at one location through a single browser (see Multi Machine Control ).

Fixed IP address or configurable for DHCP.  (We can set your desired IP address, enable DHCP complance, and/or show you how to do it.)

The response is not very fast over the internet, and we regret we cannot show you what is playing, but it's still cool and very practical.

Disclaimer: If it does not respond, we're probably doing something else with that machine (which we leave running 24/7).   Please try again later.

For questions & comments, email dvd1150@bcdusa.com or use our contact form.



Working from the DVD-1150 back toward your browser, the DVD-1150 has a fixed IP address of   (We use a fixed IP because our building has power glitches from time to time from thunderstorms, etc.  Everytime the DHCP server reboots it gets to reassign new IP addresses, and we would rather it not do that.)

We set the Port Forwarding on our router to forward HTTP requests to go to the DVD-1150's address of

We used the free service at no-ip.com to establish the domain alias of bcdvideo.no-ip.com for our development DVD-1150. 

Here's a screen shot in case our demo unit isn't online...
















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