BCD HDi-250 Outstanding Features

The HDi-250 High Definition Recorder really full-featured! If we forgot anything, our clients remind us and we can probably add it.
It's an HD DVD Recorder or a DVR with a DVD recording drive.

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Multiple Inputs & Outputs

  • HDMI
    (The BCD HDi will not record via HDMI from HDCP protected sources)
    Select Embedded Digital Audio or Separate Analog Audio In
  • Component (Y, R-Y, B-Y)
  • Composite (CVBS)
    Playback is through ALL outputs having appropriate resolution capability.  For example, Composite playback (720x480) plays simultaneously through HDMI and Component at the same time.  HD playback (1920x1024) will play simultaneously through HDMI and Component, but not Composite.
  • Selectable E-E Loop Through: Choose Record & Stop(Always) or only Record

Selectable Recording Formats

  • MPEG-4 (.mp4) - High resolution & excellent color. 
    Records at the same resolution as the input.
  • MPEG-2 (.mp2) - General purpose MPEG encoding.
    Records at the same resolution as the input
  • MPEG-2/DVD - Special DVD-appropriate MPEG-2 encoding
    Scales the input to 720x480 for DVD producion
    Embeds appropriate DVD parameters in the bitstream.

Selectable Record Target

  • Internal Hard Disk Drive - typically 500GB
  • USB Drive/Stick (front panel)
  • Optical Disc - Record files direct-to-disc


  • Determines which input(s) have video
  • Detects Interlaced/Progressive on most formats
  • Detects Input Resolution: 720x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080. etc,


  • Network TCP/IP Commands
  • DHCP or Static IP
  • Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
  • RS-232 Serial Commands


  • Date, Time or Date & Time in the video
    Selectable position

Standard Storage

  • Internal 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Standard DVDRW Drive

Optional Slot Load DVD Drive/Removable Hard Drive

  •  No broken trays!
  • Optional Removable HDD for complete security
    2.5" Hard Drive, formatted for NTFS. 
    Compatiblewith Win7/8 systems
    NTFS-XP & EXF4 formating available
    Video Drive displays File Size and Drive Space Remaining


On-Board Help Video

In addition to help prompts, the HDi-250 has a 15-minute quick-start video to get you going...or to remind you of all it can do.


Copy video to...

  • DVD
    As individual files (DVD-ROM)
    As DVD-Video disc with Text Menus
    As DVD-Video with Motion Video Icons
  • USB Flash Drive - Front panel
  • Network Drive (Soon)
  • Record to RAM.  No HDD. No evidence


Multiple Standards & Frame Rates

Your Input can be

  • NTSC 29.97/59.94
  • PAL 25/50
  • Film 23.98.24
  • Computer framerates


The "Help Video" for the BCD HDi-250 High Definition Video Recorder is buit-in to every unit.
Press the "Menu" button, then Left Arrow once, followed by the "Enter" button.

This video is SD (Standard Definition) so it plays through all the outputs: Composite, Component, and HDMI.

Here is an older version:


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