HDi Features

  •  Automatic Video Format Detect
  • 35 formats from 720x480i to 1920x1080i/p
    PAL & NTSC
  • Automatic Format Select
    It chooses the highest resolution available.
  • Video Streaming
    During Record or Play
  • Easy to change video inputs:
  • Auto-Update from our network
  • Record files to HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
    or Direct To USB or to Optical Disc
  • Copy files to/from USB
  • Automatic Update Download in the background.
    You install at leisure.
  • OR just call us for a free update disc
HDi: Connected / Secure

HDi-250 (Commercial)
Fully Connected

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3
  • Serial to 115Kps
  • Web Interface
  • Records to HDD, USB, RAM
  • DVDRW Disc


HDi-Mil (Military)
Completely Secur

  • No Network
  • No Hard Drive
  • No USB
  • Records to RAM/Disc
  • Delete video w/power-off
  • DVDRW Disc




This is a basic download section, but it works and is easy to update...
>>> Please Right-Click on a link to download and save it. <<<
PDF files may be clicked and will open in a new browser window




Click Here for HDi-250 Spec Sheet


Note to Existing HDi-250 Customers-New CPU Board Available

1 March 2017
BCD policy is to make free software updates available for download from www.bcdusa.com and we try very hard to provide after-sale backwards compatibility support for the entire life of a product line. Unfortunately there is a network incompatibility between the most recent firmware released by Blackmagic Design for updating their Intensity Pro-4K video capture/playback hardware and the computer BIOS on the CPU motherboards used in earlier HDi units.    After several months of research effort we have been unable to resolve the issue. Therefore, for a limited time, we are offering a low cost, motherboard replacement to allow the affected HDi to continue to use future software updates. Units with the old motherboards will be frozen at software version 2.8d and unable to access the network functions when attempting to use any newer software version.  Please email  support@bcdusa.com for instructions on upgrading your CPU board.




New Menu Desciptions for v2.7 Final - Manuals are always A Work In Progress : 

See the Online Manuals section for a complete list.

01.HDi-Quick Start 7/6/2016

02.HDi-Manual Menus 8/26/2016

HDi Version 3.0 Menus

Full Manual 2.6

Specific Sections:

Copy Files to Front USB Port

Click for Reinstall Instructions

Click for the Boot Order Manual


Operations manual (v2.3f) :


Manual Uploaded 16 November 2015 - old, but the best overview



Automatic Firmware Update (v3.1+)

If there is a network connection, every new HDi-250 checks ftp.bcdusa.com to see if there is an updated firmwarae installation.  If a newer update exists, it is downloaded automatically!
Updates are NOT installed untilll YOU say so with the frontpanel Menus.

No Network Connection?  We still offer feature updates via files and DVD. 

File Integrity:
Our clients are all over the world and our downloads need to be perfect.   We use two methods to insure file integrity: Zip and MD5 checksum. 
A corrpted zip file probably won't unzip and comparing our md5 checksum with your md5 checksum makes sure that you have a bit-for-bit copy.
If your checksum is the same as our checksum, the file is ok.

For Windows, use Microsoft's FCIV (File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
to create a checksum from your downloaded file(s).  Here is the link to get it



Download time depends on your Internet speed.
Updates are cumulative.  Newest file has all the previous ones.
Files named "bcdmin" are update files.  You must have installed the full system first.

>>>>Most recent files are at the top of the table.<<<<



 Name  Date Size  Filename md5 Checksum (zip file)
 Comment - Version 3.0 and above for S/N above 2040
 23 June 2017  

v3.1-rc16 zip file

ISO checksum included in zip file.
  • Automatic Video Format Detect
  • Automatic Format Select
    It chooses the highest resolution available.
  • Easy to change video inputs: HDMI/Component/Composite
  • Auto-Update from our network
  • Record files Direct to Disc
  • Record files Direct to USB
  • Copy from USB to HDD
  • Automatic Update Download in the background.
    You install at leisure.
  • OR just call us for a free disc
 1 May 2017  

v3.0 zip file

 ISO checksum included in zip file.
  • Automatic Video Format Detect
  • Auto-Update from our network
  • Better Direct-to-Disc recording
  • Dual-Stream recording: HD + SD for DVD-Ready files.

  • Download the .iso file, burn it to a disc, boot it, and the Update happens.
  • OR just call us for a free disc
 2 Sept. 2016  


v2.8d  Directory: Reinstall & Update



This version is valid through Serial Number 2040

S/N 2041 begins the use of a new CPU board.
There will be no further updates to S/N 0001 to 2040.
Early units are eligible for a new CPU upgrade at a moderate cost. 

  • v2.8d is the latest stable release for S/N 0001-2040.
    A major internal streamline for stability and (our) ease in adding new features.

        Easy change of video inputs
        Security: Lockout front panel buttons - prevent accidental pressing
        Security: PIN for Supervisior and Operator.
           Supervisor PIN prevents Access to files and Networking
           Operator PIN prevents unauthorized operation of any kind.


Update Instructions:

  • Click one of the links and download the BCD_HDi-v...zip file to your computer.
  • Unzip the file.  If there are no errors, it is probably ok.  If you have any doubts, run MS FVIC on your downloaded files and compare with our md5 checksums above.  If the checksums do not agree, download again.
  • Burn the .iso disc image to a DVD
  • Insert the disc into the HDi drive and turn on power....boot from the DVD.
  • Once it has started Press "Menu" then UpArrow until you see "Reinstall."
       Confirm with Yes and installation will begin.
  • Reinstall of the firmware takes about an hour.
  • When it is finished, eject the disc and repower.






Backup: burn a disc

Back up your system first.

    • Put a blank DVD in the HDi disc drive.
    • Press Menu, then Arrow Up to Create Reinstall disc.
    • Press Enter and confirm.



    • Using another computer, download the ISO file.
      The file big. You might need to let it download overnight.
    • Burn the ISO file to a DVD disc as a disc image, not an ordinary file.
      (Use a DVD because the file is larger than 4GB.)
    • Insert the DVD into the HDi, power-off then repower to boot from the DVD disc.
      It will take a while, but soon the unit will operate as usual.  Booting from the ReInstall disc gives a fully functional system.
    • Press the Menu button and up-arrow to "Refresh HDi". Right-Arrow to see Reinstall
    • Press Enter and confirm.
    • Complete reinstall of firmware takes up to 90 minutes.
    • After Reinstall completes, Power Off & Repower.
    • Press the Eject button  on the DVD drive several times while the system is starting to eject the disc.


Play with the new menu system when restart is complete. There are many new features including Auto-Detect of active inputs and the incoming video format.

Check this site for new Help videos and a new Manual.



DVD-1150_Manual_1.25.1.pdf   Most Recent.
DVD-1150_Spec Sheet.pdf       Spec Sheet - DVD-1150
DVD-1150_Firmware_D21116b.hex.zip    Recent Control Firmware (Hex, Zipped)

Dongle-Diagram.pdf - Programming adapter    Dongle Diagram - programming adapter FlashMagic Programmer V3.30    FlashMagic 3.30 Programming Program FlashMagic Programmer V3.30    FlashMagic 5.40 Programming Program Our manual illustrates an even earlier FlashMagic version, but the items are the same.


TC-100_Man-111101.pdf    TC-100b Manual
This product is discontinued

This product is discontinued

BCD VC-16b Manual

Sony DVD - Most Machines (right-click to download)

Sony Combo DVD/VCR  (right-click to download)

Panasonic - Most DVD Machines  (right-click to download)

Brightsign Solid State Players (LS422, HD120, etc.)
For the absolute latest firmware and software, go to
http://support.brightsign.bizand look for the Support/Download/Firmware section.



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