Video Streaming:

Did you know that all HDi-250 recorder can stream video during Record and Play? You can share the video throughout your organization's network. Just select "Streaming" from the front menu (Menu, Up). We use the VLC program at the remote computers, but other applications can play the stream, too. Just specify the HDi IP address and Port 8090.


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The HDi-250 is designed for control via serial commands via RS-232 or TCP/IP.  For convenience is also has front panel pushbuttons.


The BCD HDi-250 uses the "BCD1" Command Protocol, the same as used since 1982 and is in current use with BCD's TC-100, SB-100 and VC-16x controllers.  We will update this list from time to time when people have questions.  The full command set is listed in the Manual.


RS-232 Pinout:  The DB-9 connectors on the HDi-250 is wired as DTE so a straight-through 9-pin cable (M-F) from your computer requires a Null-Modem adapter.   The default Baud rate is 19,200 and may be changed and saved under software control.


Commands are 4-characters, terminated by CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed).   The unit then  sends a prompt character ">" when it is ready to receive another command.
It is important that your control program wait for the ">" prompt before sending a command.


Some commands may have a numeric parameter.


The  MODE and STAT commands do the same thing -- they return the current status of the system.   MODE and STAT can take 3-4 seconds to return a value.  It is important that your routine wait for the ">" prompt after issuing any command.
STAT is a status query that returns a 4-character reply of system status.
MODE is a status query that returns a number.


Common Commands 


RECS means RECord Start.  It starts recording.
         STAT=RCRD.  MODE=16


STOP makes it stop.
         STAT=PTHR (pass through) MODE=25


PAUS makes playback or recording PAUSe.
        STAT=STFW (step fwd)  MODE=1 


PLAY makes it play.
         STAT=PLAY   MODE=10


If the unit is in Pass-Through or Loop-Through mode (video in goes through to video out). PLAY makes it go to the TITLe menu.
If the unit is in PAUSe mode, playback resuumes.


STAT is a query for current transport status. 
        STAT returns a 4-character message like STOP, PLAY, RECD


MODE is the same as STAT but returns a 2-digit number. 
       Mode 10 is PLAY.  MODE 0 is STOP/PTHR. 



FRAM returns the current disc playback position as an integer frame number 




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