Video Streaming:

Did you know that all HDi-250 recorder can stream video during Record and Play? You can share the video throughout your organization's network. Just select "Streaming" from the front menu (Menu, Up). We use the VLC program at the remote computers, but other applications can play the stream, too. Just specify the HDi IP address and Port 8090.


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HDi-250 Frequently Asked Questions

It's a relatively new machine, so there aren't too many questions yet. 
Use the Contact Form to ask your questions.


  • How long to make a DVD-Video disc ? (about 3-5 minutes)
    Background: There are three recording formats: MPEG-2(full resolution), MPEG-4(full resolution) and ".vob" (MPEG-2 @ 720x480).  ".vob" is required for making a DVD-Video disc.   If you have chosen MPEG-4 or MPEG-4, the conversion to .vob is automatic when you choose to make a DVD-Video Disc.

    If you plan to make DVDs regularly, choose ".vob" as your recording file format.
    Using an erased DVD+RW disc (the slowest medium), the first discs takes about 3:21.  Subsequent discs take 2:39.

  • Direct to DVD ?
    "My customer wants "Direct to DVD" recording.  Does the HDi do that?

    No.  The BCD DVD-1150 records "Direct to DVD".  The HDi-250 records first to the hard drive (or memory) and then, if you want, copies to disc.  Frankly, we think that's better.  If you get a bad blank disc or just want another copy, you can copy again.  Your options are 
    a. Copy files as files
    b. VideoDVD with Text Menu
    c. VideoDVD with Motion Icons (little moving pictures of your videos)
    And really, the time difference isn't much: 

    DVD-1150 Time to Finalize a disc:  about 5 minutes
    HDI-250: Time to create a VideoDVD with motion menu and burn it, about 7 minutes.

  • Does it play standard commercial DVDs?
    No. HDi-250 is Record Only.  We may add DVD playback a later time.  We suggest using a $20 player or if you require wired remote control, a DVD-1150.  Other "Not Now" features are variable speed and reverse play.

  • How do I copy Video Files to my Network from the HDD?
    1.  Connect via your network and copy files to your Windows machine
    2.  Copy the files to the front-panel USB port: USB stick or USB drive.
    3.  Copy the files to a blank DVD Disc, +R, -R, +RW
    All copying can be done from the front panel.  Some can be done via remote commands.

  • Our videos contain very sensitive and confidential information.
    The HDi-Mil version has no serial ports, no USB ports and no LAN connection.
    Further, the HDi-Mil version has no Hard Drive.  It records to RAM. 
    The video files vanish with the unit is powered off.  (It's a good idea to copy the video to the optical drive as soon as recording is finished.)

    Our Standard versions are wide open and easy to integrate into a network.  Easy file transfer to your network storage.

  • What kind of discs does it record to?
    Any kind: DVD-R, +R, and +RW.

  • Does it do Blu-Ray?
    No and Yes.  It does not format the video files for BD with menus and special features.
    The MPEG files, however, play well on most BD players.
    NOTE: A Blu-Ray drive is optional for storing up to 25GB of video files.

  • Video Standards
    The HDi-250 will detect all known worldwide broadcast TV standards.  Some (strange) formats from security cameras are not detected and not recordable.

  • What are the Remote Commands?
    • These commands are available via TCP/IP and the optional Serial connection
      >help help
      baud: show/control serial baud rate - baud 0 means network
      burn: burn 0|'data' or 1|'text' or 2|'icon' for video dvd to burn marked files to disc
      deck: select the active deck in multi-drop serial configuration
      dele: delete marked files
      dnum: set the deck number for multi-drop serial configuration
      echo: show/control echo of commands 0|'off' or 1|'on'
      ecof: disable echo of commands, alias for echo 0|'off'
      econ: enable echo of commands, alias for echo 1|'on'
      eras: blank/erase an optical disc
      exit: exit the command parser, alias for quit
      fram: display the current play/record frame number
      help: show command help
      info: developer/debugging status information
      list: list available video files
      mark: mark, unmark or list marked files by number
      mode: show the current deck transport mode, e.g. PLAY
      open: open the optical drive door or eject the disc, alias for reje
      paus: pause playback or record
      play: play a video file
      powr: power off the deck
      quit: quit the command parser, alias for exit
      recs: record video
      reje: eject the disc or open the optial drive door, alias for open
      rlse: release paused playback or record and continue
      save: save preferences to non-volatile storage
      stop: stop playback or record
      thru: set E-E Loop Through 0|'off' or 1|'on'
      vers: Display the firmware version
      zero: Set the frame number to zero


HDi-Latest News

 For General Release

March 2017

  • Complete Auto-Detect of Incoming Video Format(s)
  • Security PINs - Supervisor & Operator.  Locks out some functions
  • Web/LAN control interface - Basic, File listing
  • Cryptographic Login Authentication RSA Public/Private Key (7/14/16)
  • Direct File Recording to HDD, DVD Disc, USB (6/15/16)
  • Change Record Targets easily: HDD <--> USB <--> Optical Disc
  • WakeOnLAN (WOL)
  • New disk management: Safely spin-down/up for removable (for units with removable HDD)
  • Multiple HDD formats:NTFS, NTFS-XP, EXT4 for external computers
  • Expanded TCP/IP Capabilities.
  • Enhanced Commands for TCP/IP & Serial Control - same as DVD-1150 but better!
  • Fast audo-detect of video formats:
    Standards:PAL/NTSC, Frame rate: 23.98/24(film) to 60 fps
  • Multiple Record Destinations: HDD, USB Flash, Optical Disc, RAM (ultimate security)
  • Presetable File Size Limits: 1GB. 2GB, 4GB, No Limit
    Recording restarts new file when limit is reached.
  • Preset Record Time Limit:30min, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, Custom.


December 2016

  • Introducing DualStream Recording!  Record an HD 1920x1080 file for special presentations
    and 720x480/576 MPEG-2 file for DVDs simultaneously.
  • Enhanced Commands for TCP/IP & Serial Control - same as DVD-1150 but better!

Version 2.3a thru v2.3f
22 November 2015

  • Auto-Detect of input standard, & format
  • Telnet Control over LAN. More commands including LIST recorded files, MARK files for further action, DELEete files, BURN[copy, text, icon] to DVD disc as files or as DVD Video disc. (150819)
  • Monitor disk space for video files: HDD & RAM to avoid "Disk Full" error. (Front pane display)
  • Secure Military Version: Record to RAM. No Hard Drive. Video files disappear at power-off
  • Addressable via Serial port. Each deck is assigned a DECK number.
    Baud rates from 9600 to 115Kbps
  • Auto DHCP with display of IP address
  • Selectable EE-Loop: Always or Record/Stop
  • (Coming) Dual Stream Recording: HD for presentation, SD for DVD
  • (Coming) Direct recording to front USB port.
  • File Conversion HD to SD for DVD-video recording
  • Disc Burn - completion remaining display
  • Standard BCD 4-character commands for TCP/IP & Serial Remote Control

You can download the latest firmware update and burn it to disc, only 8MB.  Complete Reinstall file is available.(4.2GB)


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