October 2017 - This is the latest news about the BCD HDi-250 High Definition video recorder.   Popular with business, churches, and military clients, the HDi-250 has a phenomenal array of capabilities, and it’s still easy to use.


BCD HDi-250 High Definition Video Recorder

We’re excited about our latest additions.  All standard features.


Video Overlays

The most obvious addition is the set new of video overlays.


We’ve always had Date & Time overlay, and now we’ve added Text Overlay and Watermark Graphics. The Text overlay lets you identify video scenes.   Especially good for Medical, Military, and Law Enforcement applications. The “Watermark” is any .jpg image. (We suggest something small and discrete.)  Overlays can be controlled via the front panel buttons or remotely via IP/Telnet or Serial.  6 positions: Top & Bottom left, middle, right.










DualStream Recording

We arDualStream-Y.pnge proud of our high resolution recording and playback, but our clients also want DVD recording.  The HDi-250 has automatic input format detection and can convert HD 1920x1080 video “on the fly” during recording to create Standard Definition MPEG-2 files, structured for DVD.  These “.vob” files are much faster to record to DVD disc than conventional MPEG-2 or MP4 files.


Customize DVD Backgrounds

Your DVD menu background can be any image grabbed from any video.  Grab with a button from the front panel.

Video Streaming
The HDi-250 includes video streaming during Record and Play to broadcast your video to computers on your local network for remote monitoring and display.  This is a Standard Feature

IP & Web Control


HDi’s built-in webserver gives remote control from your browser.   The web pages are open-source so you can we how we did it.  We’re glad to assist you in making your own custom web pages.


The HDi-250 also accepts 4-character commands like “PLAY” via Telnet or RS-232 serial.  




Automatic Update
The HDi-250 checks for firmware updates at power-on so you’re always up to date.

HDi-250-Mil [Military Version]

Security is the watchword here.  The Military Version has No Hard Drive, No USB ports, and No Network connections.  It records to memory (RAM) so we add extra RAM.  The video files disappear when you turn it off, unless you’ve saved them to Optical Disc or made a DVD.

There are still more features, so please check http://bcdusa.com.

And of course, call us with any questions at 405-702-6888

Thanks for your time,

Bob Howard


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