The DVD-1150 (DVD-1150b ) supports +RW discs.

What about +R and +RW?
DVD +R vs. -R discussion has become more of a religious issue than a technical one.   Back in the year 2000, it find players for +R were less common than they are today, but even the oldest players accept and play +RW.

 The BCD DVD-1150 Industrial DVD Recorder uses +RW.  Frankly, +RW is our favorite.  The "Plus" discs are preformatted by the machine (takes less than a minute) and this insures playablity on any other DVD player.  And... +RW doesn't need finalizing!

Today, when we run tests at major retailers, our discs play on all of their DVD and Blu-Ray players.

"+RW" will playback immediately on a DVD-1150.   No finalization required to play back on the same machine that made it

No Finalization with +RW
DVD+RW is unique in that it will play in consumer decks immediately, no finalization is required!

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