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HDi-250 Industrial Rack Mount Video Recorder


HDi 04

Select MP4 or MPEG-2, Removable Hard Drive, Slot-Load Burner, Copy to DVD as files or DVD-Video, and more! Learn more about the HDi-250 Industrial DVR w/Removable HDD...

Solid State Exhibit Video

  Solid State Video Players for Exhibits

Solid State Video Players
perfect for interactive pushbutton video exhibits... DVD quality(SD) or HD !
They run forever, require no maintenance, easy to update.  Several models including networked for remote update.

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Industrial Rack Mount DVD Recorder

  BCD DVD-1150 Rackmount DVD Recorder, RS232 Control




BCD DVD-1150
Industrial DVD Recorder - RS-232 Digital Video Recorder/DVR - 1U Rack Mount, Available with Hard Disk Drive

...more DVD-1150 RS-232 DVD Recorder

This is a primitive download section, but it works and is easy to update.
>>> Please Right-Click on a link to download and save it. <<<
PDF files may be clicked and will open in a new browser window.


DVD-1150_Manual_1.25.1.pdf   Most Recent.
DVD-1150_Spec Sheet.pdf       Spec Sheet - DVD-1150
DVD-1150_Firmware_D21116b.hex.zip    Recent Control Firmware (Hex, Zipped)


TC-100_Man - 111101.pdf    TC-100b Manual


BCD VC-16b Manual

Sony DVD - Most Machines (right-click to download)

Sony Combo DVD/VCR  (right-click to download)

Panasonic - Most DVD Machines  (right-click to download)

Brightsign Solid State Players (HD120, etc.)
For the absolute latest firmware and software, go to


Firmware as of 12/30/2013  brightsign_hd_update_4.7.112.zip




How Many?

DVD-1150 Tips

  DVD-1150 Recorder - dual serial ports, LAN & USB Control

How Many Machines  at Once?

The DVD-1150 uses RS-232 loop-through from machine to machine to control many recorders at once.  The RS-232 spec says 50 feet is the maximum distance.  Using a 6" cable between machines, that makes 100 machines.  (We know it's more, but that's the official RS-232  max. distance.)  Standard with the DVD-1150.

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