Industrial DVD Recorder DVD recorder RS232 Controlled . Rack mount Professional DVD Recorder / HDD Recorder / Digital Video Recorder DVR : The BCD Controllable 1U Industrial DVD Recorder available with hard drive, hard disk - controlled via RS-232, USB, & Ethernet.  Full Status Feedback.  Fully Crestron & AMX Compatible. Built-in multiple machine control Made in USA.


Discontinued - Special Order Only
Long delays-more expensive

In February 2017 we announced End Of Life for the venerable DVD-1150/1150b.  

After evaluating the increasing costs, and the difficulty in obtaining parts that were going obsolete, we elected to discontinue production the DVD-1150b except for some Military clients.

We will continue to try to produce the DVD-1150b, but in very limited numbers, increased delivery time, at increased cost. Advance payment required. 
Inquire for price and delivery times.

  First introduced in 2007, it has been a mainstay for those who needed a reliable, RS-232 controlled, rack mount, industrial DVD recorder.  We are shipping only to customers with existing orders and long-term POs.  


It is our plan to offer the HDi-250 High Definition Recorder with the capability to record directly to DVD-Video discs, just like the DVD-1150.  Please check this site often for details, or use our Contact Form to receive email updates.

The Industrial Rack Mount DVD / DVR+RW Recorder
with the features our customers asked for.
NTSC & PAL, 1U, RS-232 Control

DVD-1150   Specifications 

  • 1U Rack Mount
  • Multiple Control Methods  
    Click Here for Rear Control Connector Panel
  • Complete confidence - Full Status Feedback via remote connection
  • Designed for Computer Control, AMX®, & Crestron® 
  • Multi-Machine Control from a single serial port.
    (Machines are software-assignable by number)
    Click here for Multi-Machine...   
  • Remaining Record Time Available Front Panel, RS-232 & USB
  • Single Button Record...or not. See Basic Commands
  • Optional Internet Control - From Anywhere!  Click for Internet Control
  • 1U Form Factor - Includes Rackmount Brackets
  • Ultra Bright useful VF Display
  • Variable Speed PB: Fwd 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, Rev 1/8, 1/4, 1/2
  • Control: RS-232 & USB Serial (BCD1 Protocol: PLAY, STOP, etc.)
  • Assign Labels to DVD Titles via RS-232 (up to 15 characters)
  • Easy DVD Finalization: single RS-232 command FINL & Front Panel.
    DVD +RW (our favorite!) needs NO FINALIZING! Playable immediately.
    See "The Plus R Discussion ".
  • Records DVD format discs
  • Recorded Discs play on other DVD players
  • DVD-1150: Complete Security - No HDD or cache memory
  • Rugged Construction - an Industrial DVD Recorder
    Heavy Metal Enclosure

 Content Signals & Processing:

  • Recording: +R, +RW,  5 Recording Speeds/Qualities (1 hr - 6 hrs)
  • Video In/Out:  NTSC or PAL: Composite (BNC), S-Video (S-Video connectors)
  • Audio In/Out: Line Level (RCA)


  • Front Panel Buttons: Stop, Play, Record, Pause, Eject, Arrows, Menu, Enter
  • RS-232: DB-9F from host controller (computer, AMX, Crestron, etc.)
  • Dual DB-9 RS-232 loop-thru for multi-machine control
  • USB: USB-B connector for USB control, similar to RS-232 control


  • Control: Ethernet: RJ-45 for network control. 
    Built-in webserver with graphic controls.


Dimensions:  Width x Height x Depth (inches) 17.5" x 1.875" x 12.5"
Weight: 6 lb. approx
Power: 110-240VAC, 50-440hz, 2A approx.
Made in USA

Notes:   Standard BCD Warranty: One-Year Parts and Labor   

Sales Inquiries:
Dealer/Resellers Welcome:

Ordering Information:
Product:  DVD-1150b   

Notice: The DVD-1150HDD was discontinued in 2013.  The DVD-1150/1150b was discontinued in February 2017. Sales to existing users only.

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