HDi News - August 2017


New Video Overlays

  • Date, Time, Date & Time, 6 screen locations
  • Watermark graphic overlay
       Superimpose your logo or graphic on your video during record.
  • Text Overlay - identify recordings with text-in-video


New Manual for Version 3.1 Available

  So many new features.
  Absolutely the most versatile HD video recorder available.

5/10/2017 Nice Comment

From a university Health Science Center:
  + video quality was great
  + configuration was pretty easy
  + copy files to front USB is a great feature.
Update June 2017.  This client subsequently ordered 17 HDi-250 recorders for the University

4/24/2017 New HDi-SDI

Meet the HDi-SDI.  Input/Output: 1 x 10-bit SD/HD/2K/4K. Supports 6 Gb/s 4:2:2 and 3 Gb/s 4:4:4.  Audio: 16 Channels embedded in HD/2K/4K. 8 Channels embedded in SD.

Resellers inquire.

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HDi Features

  • Capture HD Video using:
        Front Pushbuttons
        IP Control (Telnet/Web)
  • Rugged - Vibration Resistant
  •  Automatic Video Format Detect
  • 35 formats from 720x480i to 1920x1080i/p
    PAL & NTSC (3849x2160 with 4K model)
  • Automatic Format Select
    It chooses the highest resolution available.
  • 3 DVD Menu Styles: Motion Icons, Text Menu, No Menu
  • 3 Video Overlays:
       Date, Time, Date & Time
       Your Text to identify the recording
       Your Logo or graphic
  • Video Network Streaming during Record or Play
  • Easy to select video inputs:
  • Record files to HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
    or Direct To USB or to Optical Disc
  • Optional Slot-load DVD & Removable HDD
  • Copy files to/from USB
  • Automatic Update Network Download in the background.
    You install at leisure.
  • OR just call us for a free update disc

BCD Video Recorders

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HDi: Connected & Secure

HDi-250 (Commercial)
Fully Connected

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3
  • Serial to 115Kps
  • Web Interface
  • Records to HDD, USB, RAM
  • DVDRW Disc

HDi-Mil-Std (Military, Standard Drive)
Completely Secur

  • No Network
  • No Hard Drive
  • No USB
  • Records to RAM/Disc
  • Delete video w/power-off
  • DVDRW Disc
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