BCD Video Recorders

BCD has never had a Black Friday Weekend Sale
Actually, we've never had any kind of sale, but we just got caught up with the holiday spirit so we thought we would. 
So here it is.

All items purchased before December 1 will be priced at 15% off regular price.
That means your price for a $2895.00 HDi-250 is just $2460.75.
And the discount is for Dealers and Resellers, too! 

RULES:  The email with your PO or order must mention "Black FRiday" and be dated before December 1, 2017.
Our email client shows our local time so we'll figure out what your local date and time is.  
All orders are subject to credit/credit card approval. (Visa/Mastercard, no Amex).

Call 405-702-6888 or email friday@bcdusa.com



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